Some Samples of Products and Services are Listed Below:

Drilling fluid chemicals, Oil well cement and additives, Acid additives. Mud Pump Consumables, Instrumentation, Slips & Inserts, Elevators, Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, & Mud Gate Valves, Centrifugal Pumps, Chain Tongs, Brake Bands, Rims & Blocks, Cable Cutters, Hammer Unions, Manifold Fittings, Thread Protectors, Dresser Sleeve Coupling, Rotary Hoses, Different type of bearings, Drilling Equipment, wellhead Equipment,vibrator hoses, high pressure precision rotary drilling equipment.

Inside A Rig

We provide and supply the following equipment & Spare Parts:

(This is a partial list of the items we supply) Inside A Rig Solid control Equipment and Parts:

  • Desanders, Desilters, Shale Shakers, Degassers, Mud Agitators & Parts (Brandt, Derrick, Harrisburg, Swaco, Sweco, Etc)
  • Butterfly Valves & Gate Valves & Parts (Demco, Crestex, Baker Spd,Shalimar, Etc)
  • Rig Lighting And Electrical & Parts (Rig-A-Lite, Nrl, Appleton, T & B, Allen Bradley Etc)
  • Kelly cocks, Kelly valves, Inside Bops & Parts (Omsco, Smfi, Smith, Global, Packard)
  • Rig Safety Systems (H2s Etc), (Msa, Detcon Etc)
  • Rotary Hoses, Vibratory Hoses, Choke & Kill Hoses (Taurus, Good all, Nrp, Coflexip, Gates, Dayco Etc)
  • Drilling Line (Wire Rope), Bridon Uk, WireCo USA
  • Mud Pumps & Parts (National, Oil well, Gardner-Denver, Ideco, Continental Emsco, Harrisburg, Mission Etc)
  • Draw works & Parts (National, Oil well, Continental Emsco, renold uk, india, china, Etc)
  • Hooks & Swivels & Parts (National, Oil well, Continental Emsco, Bj Varco Etc)
  • Handling Tools & Parts (Bj Varco, Wooley Etc)
  • SCR Systems & Parts (Rosshill, Ge, Ips)
  • Gate Valves & Parts (Cameron, Shaffer, Oteco Etc)