Company Profile

Company Profile

MAFCO International is proud to introduce itself as one of the well reputed trading company in U.A.E. to have achieved recognition in the field of various industries such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Drilling . We are proud to be one of the first commercial business houses in the area, we can poudly state that we have achieved to become from a non-entity to a recognized and well-reputed commercial organization.

Our experienced staff provides unparalleled professional services, with specialist skills and expertise in this field for more than 24 years. Our aim is to satisfy our worldwide clients.


Leading supplier and exporter of various materials, products and spare parts, United Arab Emirates Oil Well Cement (GCC Cement) Grade G API 10A

Drilling Fluid Chemicals, Cement, Stimulation and Additives and Drilling equipment:

Waste management (zero discharge)
Solid Control Equipment
Oil well Cement and Additives
ACID Additives
Drilling Mud Materials (Oil and Water base Mud, Barite (BaSO4), Bentonite (Al2 O3 4SiO2 H2O). Salt (NaCl), Starch, CMC, (Carboximethyl Cellulose) (Hv, Lv), Caustic Soda (NaOH), Calcium Chloride (CaCl2), Lime (CaO), (Ca(OH)2), Ferro bar (Fe2O3), Soda Ash ( Na2Co3) , D.M.C (Drilling Mud Emulsifier), …
LCM (Lost Circulation Material), Walnut Shell, Mica, Fiber Lock, Oyster Shell/ Shell Fish
Mud Laboratory Chemicals and Equipment
Mud pumps parts
Drilling Bits
All type and size of Kelly’s
All Type of Bearing from mission pumps to Crown Block
Drilling Line (Wire Rope)
Handling Equipment
Draw works parts & Accessories
Rotary Table and accessories
Electrical equipment
All Type of valves

Our Manufacturers and Suppliers

Omsco/Jarco/oil Industries(USA)
Orwell Group(UK)
DESCH Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
JJS Oilfield Supply (Germany)
EGJ Engineering (UK)
Friedrich Krombach (Germany)
Gates USA, Kelly hose
Draeger UK, Gas Detection Instruments
Renold UK, India and China, all type of Roller Chain
Bridon UK, all type of Drilling line
GN Solid Control China
Fann Instrument Company Houston,TX
Shalimar Valves PVT, all type of Valves
Baroid (USA)-mud chemical and drilling fluids
Worldwide Oilfield Machine- wellheads and safety valves;
Allen Bradley, Dresser, Caterpillar, Pirelli, FMC, Phoenix, Ingersoll Rand, Dunlop,
Schindler Electric, National Oil Well, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Siemens,
Weatherford, Cameron Ironworks, Grundfus,

Our clients

All Middle East Countries: Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.),etc. Turkey, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Africa and Far East countries. It is our AIM and GOAL to continue and expand our relationship with our customers and vendors to keep them happy through FAST and courteous service, QUALITY products, COMPETETIVE PRICES.
It is our philosophy that a given word is as good as a contract and the key to success is service to our customers.

M. Fazeli
Managing Director